Throughout the house

Daily cleaning and freshening

Keep a bottle of Old Dutch All Purpose Disinfectant Spray handy to clean and freshen various household surfaces every day. In addition to removing dirt, it leaves a fresh, clean scent that you’re sure to enjoy!

Weekly cleaning

Use one of the Old Dutch All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner fragrances for your weekly cleaning. With their versatility and exhilarating scents, these products enhance the time you spend on this chore!


Clean floors

To remind your children to take off their shoes before entering the room when you’ve just cleaned the floor, use Old Dutch Hibiscus and Gardenia Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner. The scent will let them know that the floor is freshly washed!


Shower curtain

To eliminate soap scum and hard water stains on your shower curtain, spray it with Old Dutch Bathroom, scrub with a cloth and rinse with water. Cleaning is even easier if you do it just after the shower has been used, since steam helps free dirt from the surface.



Use Old Dutch Plus to clean barbecue grills without a lot of scraping. Spray and wipe with a cloth or paper towel.

Oil stains on pavement

To dissolve oil stains left on pavement by a car or barbecue, spray or pour Old Dutch Plus directly on the stain and brush the surface before rinsing.


Outdoor garbage cans

To disinfect and remove stains on outdoor garbage cans, spray them with Old Dutch Plus, let it stand 10 minutes, rinse and wipe.


To clean boat sails or gazebo covers before summer starts, spray them with Old Dutch Plus. Let it stand a few minutes, rub stubborn stains and rinse with a hose. Then just let it dry and you’re all set!


Daily disinfecting in the kitchen

What could be better for daily kitchen cleaning than a product that disinfects surfaces, while leaving a fresh, clean scent? It is ideal for cleaning counters after preparing meals.

Preventing germs from spreading

To help prevent germs from spreading, spray Old Dutch Plus on a cloth and clean telephone handsets and doorknobs.


Eliminating unwanted odours

To eliminate unpleasant odours in the garbage can or recycling bin, spray Old Dutch Plus, let it stand a few minutes and wipe. For complete disinfection, it is recommended that you let it stand 10 minutes.