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Welcome to the Old Dutch Web site, it is our pleasure to familiarize you with our complete line of laundry and cleaning products, manufactured and marketed by Lavo since 1980.

A company headquartered in Montreal, Lavo has been providing consumers with the finest household cleaning products for over half a century.

In order to help you get better acquainted with the Old Dutch brand, following is a brief history of cleansing powder: Old Dutch cleansing powder was first created by Cudahy Packing, a Chicago-based company specialized in the slaughtering of animals.

In 1905, while looking for a way to recuperate animal fat for use in the production of soap, Cudahy Packing became the first company to market cleansing powder.

Highly innovative for that time, this unique product completely revolutionized household cleaning, greatly facilitating the task.

The Old Dutch name was born out of a long tradition rooted in Holland, whose residents were renowned for their preoccupation with immaculate cleanliness. That is why all the products in the Old Dutch family bear a label picturing a little Dutch lady brandishing a stick to drive away dust and dirt. Since its introduction in 1905, the Old Dutch family has evolved and grown considerably, and we invite you to visit all the various sections of our new site to discover the full range of our laundry and household cleaning products.

We encourage you to consult our handy Info Tips section to learn about the many valuable uses for our bleach. What’s more, remember to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for all the answers to your most common questions. And, of course, we always welcome your comments and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, regular mail or phone. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Once again, welcome to our Web site and enjoy your visit!

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