Safety Data Sheets

Here you'll find, in PDF format, Safety Data Sheets on the full range of Old Dutch products.

Cleaning Products

Old Dutch All Purpose Cleaner Jasmine & Lavender (PDF)
Old Dutch All Purpose Disinfectant Pomegranate & Mango (PDF)
Old Dutch Bathroom Cleaner Citrus Burst (PDF)
Old Dutch Multi-Surface Disinfectant Hibiscus & Gardenia (PDF)
Old Dutch Plus Disinfectant Degreaser Fresh Scent (PDF)

Fabric Softeners

Old Dutch Fabric Softener Gentle Fresh (PDF)
Old Dutch Fabric Softener Spring Freshness (PDF)


Old Dutch Detergent Cold Water (PDF)
Old Dutch Detergent Hypoallergenic (PDF)
Old Dutch Detergent Morning Breeze (PDF)
Old Dutch Detergent Summer Fresh (PDF)


Old Dutch Bleach Gentle Care (PDF)
Old Dutch Bleach Lemon Fresh (PDF)
Old Dutch Bleach Multi-Purpose (PDF)


Old Dutch Dishwashing liquid Degreaser (PDF)
Old Dutch Dishwashing liquid Green Apple (PDF)
Old Dutch Dishwashing liquid Lemon (PDF)